Sunday, 31 July 2011

Salad? Yes a post about Salad

While writing a post about salad seems like possible as boring as drying paint, WAIT...this will get interesting. Here's why, salad is a terrible overlooked accompanying dish to many lovely entrees that boost about being big and juicy or rich and earthy. Salad appears at the dinner table like your wimpy nerd cousin. Limp, lacking in substance, nothing much to add to the conversation and way to greasy to be allowed at any respectable table.

Rethinking salad as a combo of colorful conversations between polar opposites can create a "rainbow of diversity" that can be the truckasaurus at the dinning monster truck show. 

Now the interesting part - I've devised a mathematical formula for an ass kicking salad.

        {(4xG)+(4xVoC)} + (.5O +. 5Vin+.2H+.2G+.3M)
                  Number of plates     

G=Greens                         VoC+Veggies of multiple Color   
O=Oil            Vin=Vinegar    
H=Herbs       G=Garlic 

This can be too much free will for some. Unlike a regular recipe there is no standard ingredient list, while for others this will elevate the pressure to make a perfect salad. 

With an addition of grains, or pasta, hearty toast, nuts and cheese you'll find your salad isn’t just a side dish - but a show stopping conga line of high kicks to the iceberg shivering in the crisper drawer. 

Now get out there and give it your all. 
Eat in good company

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