Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cabbage Slaw - Tart and Tangy

Cabbage Slaw -
I love eating outdoors and if I was spending my time outdoors enjoying the pre autumn sun, I’d be elbow deep in my favorite Cabbage Slaw. This raw cabbage dish has the benefit of a pre-made fresh meal, and is light and tangy, a leap forward from the old cup of creamy limp stuff that came with the fried chicken. 

 BEST PART: These veggies can be cut up for a couple of days and will wait eagerly in the fridge for their final curtain call. If slaw is not ringing your bell, consider something else – use the veggies for stir fry, soup, or added to an omlette, all in tip top shape and ready to rock. 
Cabbage Slaw - outdoors, as it should be 7-2011 

Cabbage Slaw -
 Now cut it up
1 half head red cabbage
Thin sliced and bite sized
Now’s the time to pull out the Mandoline, easy on the fingers.

1 half head green cabbage
3 – 4 carrots                           
3 – 4 celery sticks
Peppers – red, yellow & orange
Green onions
Thin cut – try diagonal


Apple cider vinegar
 1 part
Olive oil
2 parts
Grated Ginger
Thumbs size – but I like a lot of ginger
Orange marmalade or honey
1 – 2 tsp

This Slaw goes to 11

Toasted almonds
Toasting the seeds is pretty much necessity to improve the flavor.
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Toasted Cashews
Apples or pears - crunchy
Sliced & diced very small
cut up bit sized

Cut these all up and place in large containers – use what you like for dinner and set the rest up for chilling til you need them again.

Mix the dressing in no particular order, in the bottom of a large wide bowl.
Add in the veggies and mix 
Then pile on top everything that brings this slaw to 11.
PS add apples or crispy pears for sweetness instead of honey to the dressing.

Crunch away in good health

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