Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New 2013

Merry Christmas to all.
Mayne Christmas Bonfire 2012
We hope you are up to some serious good fun today, 
enjoying some well earned rest, and being spoiled with terrific surprises. 

Fondue Voodoo and the gang are held up in a cabin in the woods, getting drunk on fresh air, high on hard work and living large and eating well. Just as expected. 

We have discovered some valuable life lessons over the course of 2012, 

1. No matter how much he promises, our canine 
companion BentleyBeans cannot guard food without sampling. 
"This beer is tasty, I will guard it for you"
With Indy photo bomb

2. My furry feline companions are no better at guarding the food than the canine, I sniff a conspiracy.

3. Falling in a ditch (I'm looking at you Damon) and turtling is an art, a hilarious hilarious art

Bentley, Opal, Indy
 & photo bomb Damon (with ears) 

4. Photo bombing holds it's own as comedy gold.

5. Do not make fun of the Dooms Day people at the gun show. 

6. That Mayan apocalypse was like a giant Acme Fireworks pile that fizzed like a day old soda. Shouldn't have bought that underground bunker in Alberta. 

7. Only drink good, preferable local, craft beer. Just one and savour the taste, getting drunk is so 2011. 

8. If your gonna blog, tell people about it, so they can participate...it's a public blog not a private diary.

Our guard dog taking care of the cupcakes

9. Yep still true,
Sonja & Damon. Mayne Island, Dec.  2012
the canine BentleyBeans really can't guard the food without sampling, he prefers the good stuff best, fresh baked bread & cheese.

10. The Beatle's were right all along, all we need is love.

Hope you all have a terrific restful holiday, and best wishes in 2013.


  1. Ha! That's an awesome picture of Damon & the beasts :D

    ...and, WTF, you have a blog?!

    -KZ ;)

    1. Oh, yeah, I have a blog - see point # 8, "If your going to blog tell people about it". I follow yours as well :D

  2. Greetings from bunkerland in Alberta! Your blog was very entertaining. Love the pics and photo bombs. Bentley's cross-eyed attention on the cupcake is priceless. Happy New year to your whole family, critters and all.

  3. Thanks for being the most Anonymously frequent poster and guest posting. It's a fun project!